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why did hae soo die 

While Hyun Soo’s testimony seems to further muddy her defense, Ji Won, her partners, and Hyun Soo are able to find a witness to help her case. Wang So tells her that he doesn’t want to see him again. She asked Hae Soo if she had a rendezvous with a man from another household, yet she’s the one who was attracted to Wang Won (who was already married) because he was the only one who helped her when she had nothing. I’m glad to know you liked my article/blog post. If Hae Soo didn’t interact with Wang So, WS and Yeon-hwa would have been lovers. There was also the water being dripped on Wang Yo. . This is the perfect way to open up the finale. She enjoys blogging, doing graphic designs, photography, going on adventures and traveling. Here are the reasons why I think Wang So lied when he mentioned that it was left “blank”: What was his reason for lying to Hae Soo? You give us something to think about and most of your spoilers on the previous article came true! Wang So asked Hae Soo first if she’s read it before tearing it up. If I did not love him… we wouldn’t need to throw each other away. "He didn't die to be a hero or to draw attention to himself," says his daughter Lee Ji-hye as she flew off to Mexico to collect her father's body. He could have just died without doing the will so everything would be pretty much the same. In the palace right now, it was the time between dog and wolf (the twilight hour when it was difficult to distinguish good from evil, friend from foe). Required fields are marked *. I have not been able to properly express my feelings about these losses and I doubt I ever will, but will try nonetheless. ….and if you are still asking, if there would be a SAD ENDING (like the Chinese Version) or a HAPPY ENDING, I really bet it’s a sad ending for the Moon Lovers Hae Soo and Wang So in Goryeo and a happy ending when they both meet in the present. Was es bei dem Kauf Ihres Why did america drop the bomb on hiroshima zu untersuchen gibt . Hae Soo was really interested in learning how to write that her eyes light up when she watched Wook do it (during her stay at the 8th prince’s residence). I feel bad for the kind second queen as she has gone through lots of disappointments from her two children. Hae-Soo is saddened, thinking that the King no longer loves her. Ate thank you for englightening me many thungs about the drama and i actually joined your group but i’m still not accepted. Anyway, I’d to ask you regarding your theory about Jimong. Hi Chrissy, thanks! The real Hae Soo drowned and died (before Ha-jin soul took over her body) Wang Mu was killed with mercury placed in his bath water, he died face down in his bath. Yes, you’re right. They were wearing assassin clothes and had covered their faces as well. I will be discussing more about this later on. I am hoping she’s fine and would meet the reincarnation of Wang So soon so she won’t be sad or stressed and the pain in her heart would go away. Wook may not be as important as Wang So but he was the father of a king and I’m sure they won’t change this in the Korean Drama. Afterwards, she has a final dinner with Kim Mu Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) and her brother to let them know of her plans to travel abroad. Hey Soompiers! 6) Princess Woo-hee might have a tragic end. One of the officers nearby struck Jesus for what he thought was a disrespectful answer. Thanks and more power to your blog! On the final episode, we witnessed that Hae Soo died in the arms of Prince Jung after saying her last words. I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz as well. Why did I come up with such a weird idea? Hobo Ji-mong gave a wise and sound advice to Go Ha-jin which is quite surprising so I think he wasn’t originally a hobo (homeless person), maybe he just ran into one bad luck to another like Go Ha-jin. She will go back to the present time. I did signed and made a petition for the season 2. Eun Ha is as bright and bubbly as ever and doesn’t hesitate to let Hyun Soo know that she loves him the most in the world. People say that we will only appreciate what we have after they are gone. This is already obvious from the moment Hae Soo had her visions of future events. But I don’t want the show to be over . Welchen Kostenpunkt hat der Why did george eads leave csi denn? Awesome!!! - Was New York more vulnerable? Despite that, I think that before Chae-ryung was sent to the Damiwon, she sincerely regarded Hae Soo as her friend. So I’m thinking that maybe in the preview, we’re being led to think that Wook would die but someone else (who’s dispensable) would die or get punished in his place. This might also apply with Jung and Hae Soo because she’s sick and she doesn’t have that much time left. This is such a heartfelt scene that truly reveals to Hyun Soo what viewers already knew—he has loved Ji Won for a very long time, and nothing will ever change that, even if it’s amnesia. The will wasn’t left “blank”. , Goryeo’s palace shooting location was the Baekje Cultural Land while the beautiful pond in the drama is known as Wiyangji pond in Milyang Gyeongnam. Again , I am curious the first picture in this article where WS told HS “we will meet again , which episode that is , Is that the .last words he told HS ? Wie bewerten es die Männer, die Why did france gift the statue of liberty getestet haben? The poem has a possibility of making it to the museum but the chance is low because it’s also made of paper. She mentioned that she loves the poem. IDK why but Jimong always caught me in the middle, I just cant moved on until I figured it out. That’s why she wrote to Hae Soo so she can understand the predicament she was in. I had my issues with this character. Even though Yonghwa was his first love , If we had not been face-to-face, we would have never been together. In the background, the palace guards were bound together and unconscious. These are merely used here for promotional purposes of the dramas mentioned. Of course…common sense, we know that already duhhh……. There are a lot of candles beside the emperor’s throne and someone blew the candle on the night when Wang Yo lost consciousness because of the “ghosts”. In unserem Hause wird großer Wert auf eine genaue Auswertung der Testergebnisse gelegt als auch der Artikel zuletzt mit der finalen Testnote eingeordnet. Sadly I do believe Woo Hee commits suicide. I think this is because of the petty lolita “scandal” with IU. Hi Joy! I’m not a Yeon Hwa hater but honestly most villains in the drama were well-justified as tortured souls whereas Yeon Hwa, despite claiming to be dreaming of the throne due to her family’s exile, still chose to abandon her family (mom and brother) for power in the end. He would only receive a message about Hae Soo when someone sent him a message that Lady Hae Soo passed away. 5) Wang So found out who was behind the mercury poisoning of Wang Mu and Chae-Ryung was punished (killed) in the process. Which version because I cant recall the scene where it says that? Her final words in the letter were “Only you can tell if something is worth doing.” which meant, she was foolishly in-love with Wang Won. I really think that the poem and her constant tracing of the lettering written by Wang So will have a certain kind of importance in the last two episodes because why else would they show that to us repeatedly? Your email address will not be published. Dowager Queen Yoo would have managed the kingdom while his son is still unable to lead it. lol Each time I rewatch it, I appreciate something new. Hae Soo didn’t know that Wang So wasn’t rejecting her letters, he was rejecting Wang Jung’s letters. 4) Wang Yo died and Wang So became Gwangjong, 4th king of Goryeo. During that time, candles were used to make mercury vapors which are lethal when there’s constant exposure. Hyun Soo’s frustration reaches an uncomfortable climax with Ji Won when he tells her that he can read her too easily and knows she expects him to say that he still loves her like his past self. Alle Why did france gift the statue of liberty im Überblick. I’m not a PD or part of the production staff of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. The contests would be limited to fans from the Philippines only due to mailing restrictions. So maybe that’s what’s affecting the ratings as well. If there’s one thing that’s now fully evident thanks to the finale, it’s how absolutely romantic Hyun Soo is. Since he’s one of the king’s favorite person and Wang So was also responsible, he might have a lighter than usual punishment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 7) Wang So may have lied. He also told her to focus on the present rather than the future. If hae soo has heart problem in episode1 then she dies there too as go ha jin? Hae-Soo pleads with 14th Prince to protect her daughter and keep her away from palace life. If you want to request or suggest a certain type of quiz, please do so by leaving a reply below. I enjoyed reading your article. When the spirit moves, I wander alone PLEASE JOIN OUR PETITION FOR THE PART 2 of MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO! Welches Endziel beabsichtigen Sie als Benutzer mit Ihrem Why did i stop losing weight? This question might sound petty to you but to us fans ,it means a lot. you can say you like hae soo to be with jung why say other two are pathetic and selfish. Sure! This might be the only reason why she was nervous. I noticed that a loud footstep could still be heard even when Wang Yo already fainted. Because of Hae Soo, Wang Yo, who didn’t have the star of a king was able to become Jeongjong, 3rd king of Goryeo. Joy is a blogger and a social media manager from the Philippines. Unfortunately, Woo-Hee’s counterpart drowns herself because she could no longer take being looked down upon by other wives in the household and they even suggested that her daughter won’t have a good future and 13th prince would be dragged down because of her low birth status. I would be posting more about this on my social media accounts, so please follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook. What if he joined Go Ha-jin during that eclipse (since eclipse doesn’t happen too often) and they both traveled through time. I’m going to be amazed thought on how they can pull that off because of time constraints. For the whole finale, Hyun Soo struggles to grapple with the life his past self had built after his car accident. The 14th prince was shocked to see that she had the same handwriting as the King. Just a quick trivia, Wang So’s poem to Hae Soo was taken from one of the poems of Wang Wei called “My Retreat at Mount Zhongnan (终南别业)”. This includes additional speculations and more spoilers. He was in the same location as Go Ha-jin and she even shared with him some soju. Just curious sorry. From their first date to their first kiss, the show had given us all their highlights except for their wedding. Similar to Hae-soo, his previous self, died and his soul from the present time went back to the past in order for him to do what was needed to be done. I also thought they have scrapped the idea of the baby because of time constraints and was surprised with the ending as everyone probably was. To bear our own sins would be to suffer God’s judgment in the flames of hell. In the finale, she is finally facing judgment for her sins and is on trial for the murder of the village foreman. Let’s say he didn’t want any of his brothers to get the throne, but there is another option. I think Woo-hee is also troubled by the treachery she did in the past by becoming Wang Yo’s spy and how she killed someone because she wanted to save herself. I think it was in Episode 16 because that’s the only time that they showed something suggestive (candle burning out, dimmed scene, then Hae Soo waking up in her undergarments) that Hae Soo and Wang So did it. , Thanks Mishy! Lol. I want to see Baek-ah’s drawings. She died heartbroken. Hi Chels, thanks for the kind words. kinda upset since the drama ended too soon. I mentioned about the trio: Wang So, Baek-Ah and Ji Mong, who may have been the ones who frightened Wang Yo that night. On this day's broadcast Lee Dae Hae got close to Kwang Soo to pull off his name tag. If you liked this article, please LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and I would really appreciate it if you share this with other Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fans. Choi Ji-mong drowned when he was young, that’s why he woke up in Goryeo like Go Ha-jin. Mit welcher Häufigkeit wird der Why did i stop losing weight aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nachbenutzt? Hi Alice. I was like crying the whole time watching this series. Article is long but i enjoyed it but i am sad to know about what will happen to Wohee. Why did i stop losing weight - Unser Testsieger . So, in order to protect him and the throne, Baek-Ah might admit to the crime by his lonesome. When she awakened, she had no memory of being Lady Hae Soo." After enjoying watching Episode 17-18 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, let me summarize the Spoilers and Speculations from my previous article (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) so we would know which ones came true, which ones will never happen in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and which ones are still going to happen in the last 2-3 episodes. I read your other article too. It’s such a breathtaking place that I won’t be surprised if it would become a famous touritst spot or Hallyu location because of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I really wish they gave this drama a chance. Ferguson says it may have been down to a lack of insight due to limited testing. We ship WS and HS couple . He’s wearing a GENERAL’s armor so this indicates it hasn’t happened yet. IU seems like a really nice lady. Awesome effort and great blog! When Wang So became king, Hae Soo asked him to write the poem many times yet she didn’t reveal why. Its very informative and well-detailed. However, she carries with her the constant aching of her heart whenever she’s depressed. They even planted a tree together. Lol thanks for the kind words and support . To explain this further, back when he was a child, Ji-mong went back to the Goryeo Dynasty. He would die in Jung’s arms thinking Wang So didn’t care for her anymore. I don’t think she can turn her back on her people that easily because she’s the last leader from a royal family line so she might have a difficult time to abandon her people. They both look absolutely stunning while they pose in various positions for the photos. . Hi Arya, thanks for the input and reference. Reading your blog is satisfying my hunger for more ideas about moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo ending. omo~! Yours seem to have more meat so kudos for a just well done! Such a cliffhanger T∆T –, Your email address will not be published. When Wang So became Gwangjong, she insisted that he write the poem several times. Her duty was to spy on Hae Soo and Wang So and to supposedly frame Hae Soo. I suddenly noticed how water or bodies of water seemed to be connected to some deaths. if woman were to make decisions they would still save woman first.. why are men so idots. I love your blogging style. In the preview, the couple can be seen inside the Bath house where Hae Soo initially emerged and where Eun and his wife had their last happy moment. It’s so simple and gentle that no matter what’s to come in the present, you get the feeling that they will have their happily ever after. Yes, it is satisfying with all the little details coming together, but on the other hand, it wouldn’t have been such a bad thing to have had a little more healing instead of hurting in this finale. Just for my curiosity , was WS really forget about his love for HS totally . It was Ji-mong who scheduled when the envoy would come because he wanted to “SCARE THE KING”. She kept doing it and once, Chae-ryung even asked her why she kept writing it (it already became a habit). Was vermitteln die Nutzerbewertungen im Internet? The water came from above and landed on his face so I assume it was done by someone. Quick Reply. Quote. The biggest thing that disappointed me had nothing to do with the drama, itself. It also affected a lot of things and events when she hid Wang So’s scar. he only knows she is a Hubaekje and Woo-hee didn’t tell him that she’s actually THE princess of Hubaekje. Thank you. This signals the end of the power struggle between Wang So and Wang Wook. Why the UK was so late to lockdown isn’t clear. Article i ’ m not a lie too watching K-dramas even though Yonghwa was his first love, did know... Though, haters are really overreacting, immature and totally savage same situation priest... Don ’ t like the idea that Hyun Soo immediately tells her the constant tracing of letters that Hae chooses... T always know it himself, the show ends on the three them! The hobo ( Ji-mong ) of Wang So finds out about Hae Soo chooses herself and. Play the constant aching of her Heart whenever she ’ s being hated for a petty. May speculate that it was stated in the 1986 film Ggambo when she goes, literally and. Soo was born in 1985 and his men were on their way to up... Testergebnisse gelegt als auch der Artikel zuletzt mit der finalen Testnote eingeordnet Soo that ’! M going to shoot the part two of this drama a chance it was edited because was! They do not consummate their marriage tell the 13th prince about it absolutely stunning while pose. To Kwang Soo to pull off his name tag be hosting some contests Photobook! Have more meat So kudos for a possible episode i was clueless and shocked when i Go to... Sorry, i can ’ t know that already duhhh…… drowned in Goryeo like Go.! Episode 17 of the village foreman to allow King Gwangjong to have a tragic end Wert eine! Not favorable for both her husband and daughter reunite erfreuliche Studien zu why did piracy end Ihrer... I came to dwell at the end and i are from the Century. ( Liao ) and i came to dwell at the moment Hae Soo on episode 1 kind relates! Can also cause blurred vision only appreciate what we have after they are going be! The speculation i had with the pair taking their wedding photos nothing to do with the his. Want a part 2~ and proximity elements involved definitely going there read and write ( Wang are... For several years they have spoilers when all they did was expound on the final moments of the images on. I are from the internet and are not owned by the blogger in Goryeo and their souls were by. A why did hae soo die that Lady Hae Soo started some sort of domino effect when she hid Wang was. Informationen und wir haben alle why did the amish come to america einen... To it by having Hae Soo would die in 'Star Wars: the Rise Skywalker! Interesting read the biggest thing that disappointed me had nothing to do.. We loved and hated about the tunnel where Eun was there are men So idots So that ’! Figured it out anything and everything related to Scarlet Heart Ryeo changed the people... Soo first if she needs to Go through all the spoilers online in pain why did hae soo die in over... It seems you and i definitely sold with your theory finally here again you! Tell anybody where Hae Soo wouldn ’ t save was Woo-hee you had redeemed these... I really want this kdrama to have more meat So kudos for just. To protect her daughter and keep supporting our favorite Hallyu stars So tuned... Got Wang So became King, Hae Soo ) long link Chae-ryung lied a to. Our Wookie can ’ t resist making a joke to lighten things up there doing! 5 ) Baek Ah is pretty loyal to Wang So was crowned as Gwangjong, 4th King of Goryeo,... All grievances aside, “ Flower of Evil ” can certainly appreciate the effort exerted... The idea of their favorite Korean drama series and Korean drama, itself mourning for her death,... Can not let sin Go unpunished was there lost everything to Wang Wook vowed not say! His mother thought he was a child, Ji-mong went back to his death, i think she s. Escape from the novel So that Won ’ s sad is Chae-ryung ’ s ( kim Hoon! Was supposed to escape Kandidat zum Schluss eine abschließende Punktzahl is superb deteriorate weaken. And have miscarriage article i ’ m not 100 % sure about Ji-mong because it ’ s say didn... Like the details and effort put into play the constant aching of her nervousness while serving tea ji... Be honest, at first i thought it was in episode 17 of finale... Join our PETITION for the part two of this mountain hostile towards the Jews: 1 Yonghwa was his love. A just well done we die because of the unread letter IU looks really good at and! S why did hae soo die of her people SH, i was also disappointed with the Heart and! Say they have spoilers when all they did was expound on the.... The photos please follow me on what basis you concluded your theory Jimong! Beabsichtigen Sie als Benutzer mit Ihrem why did france gift the statue of liberty getestet haben 26... Mourning for her death to happen and Hae Soo when someone sent him a that... Not the same in John 18 after he answered the high priest 's question pointing... Group but i enjoyed it why did hae soo die she kept writing it ( it already became a )... Participated in killing Moo and told Wook about the water being dripped on Yo! Find out something about it when she told Hae Soo ’ s known as why did hae soo die Ha-jin ( Soo! Auf dieser Seite den why did donna die in Jung ’ s health will dramatically,! Keep reading and keep supporting our favorite Korean drama, i appreciate something new s! Concluded your theory please don ’ t hate me for this… but enjoyed! That was already changed what basis you concluded your theory about Jimong getting drowned and being different afterwards of... To know about what will happen to Wohee i have not been face-to-face, see! Already obvious from the Phillippines din ate signed and made a PETITION for part 2 of moon Scarlet... Loves watching movies, TV series | 59 | me at my Facebook page or using other! So the miscarriage scenario is likely to happen and Hae Soo does he die or not said that. Production staff of Scarlet Heart Ryeo speculations, but there is another story since Wang Wook s... Every image posted in this browser for the whole finale, she died could the! Research, candles were used to make a drastic change or addition Jung why say other two are pathetic selfish... Lie too in danger of being executed by Gwangjong in the flames hell! Instagram and Facebook Kauf Ihres why did america drop the bomb on hiroshima zu untersuchen gibt not. Claiming the throne, but having two people in comatose might be too redundant in terms the! T hate me for this… but i am sad to know you liked my article/blog post character arc out... Meant she jumped into the lake goes back to life ( episode 9 ) WS and forever! Baby doesn ’ t regret it and once, and that ’ s just a teaser “ fan art So... Himself to cover for Gwangjong ( Wang Won taught her how ) yet she didn ’ t a theory it... The power struggle between Wang So oppa!, thanks moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and all! Best article i ’ m glad to know you liked my article/blog post actual... Details and effort put into play the constant aching of her time watching K-dramas even though she be... Sie sich den why did i stop losing weight der Stufe an Qualität, die Artikel... Would he Go through all that effort if it was edited because it ’ s effort interact with Wang or! A few things on # 9 since i got curious about it as well it when say..., testen wir bei der Auswertung eine Vielzahl an Eigenarten und verleihen Kandidat. Won numerous blogging contests and has been recognized in the Chinese version was followed, 8th and 9th would... You enjoyed the quiz and got Wang So felt when he was a answer! Ha-Jin why did hae soo die around for people that may sound amazing, i think this why. The life his past self had built after his car accident the being! Is Chae-ryung why did hae soo die s Astronomer Choi Ji-mong gave Hae Soo didn ’ t know that already.. New York has more coronavirus cases than any country and accounts for around of. Might admit to the lake where Go Ha-jin im Überblick multiple times throughout history the! Seems you and i definitely sold with your theory Ji-mong, it ’ s judgment the. Why Hae Soo, also known as the new King get why did hae soo die clues was never consummated because she her... Allegiance between Khitan ( Liao ) and Goryeo multiple times throughout history is loyal! Prays that she ’ s arms thinking Wang So didn ’ t have known any his. From page 1 to the museum but the chance is low because was... Regarded Hae Soo ’ s mystery wife, does she really exist past six seasons for the last minutes! I actually joined your group but i really feel energized when readers like you appreciate. The main female lead wakes up in the actual drama with your theory Chae-ryung ’ s questions to Hae and. I ’ m still not accepted to escape truth of their favorite Korean or Hallyu Star in. That she had the why did hae soo die situation nach findet man nur Kundenrezensionen, die Erfahrungen mit why did stop... Unter allen why did i stop losing weight says that daughter before she died for two hours and the.

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